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Application for Apprenticeship
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In the upper left corner of this form, you can attach the supporting documents that are REQUIRED to be submitted along with your application. Please provide copies of:


Completely provide all the information below.  Once submitted, if your application is accepted, you will receive further details about the program. 

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Title of Position:

Work Performed:




Title of Position:

Work Performed:




Title of Position:

Work Performed:







WORK AVAILABILITY (read and initial)

Construction work is not like working in a bank or warehouse; our work requires us to be available any hour of the day or night. We may be required to travel away from our home and be away for an extended time. If you have any issues that will or might prevent this, you must bring this to the administrator's attention before going any further in the application process. There is no way for us to foresee the future of where an apprentice will be working, or the hours required. We need people to show up for work, every day, on time and be able to travel if necessary. If you are accepted, there are no guarantees about which contractor you will go to work for. You are placed on an OoWL(out of work list), job placement will be determined by the order of Contractor Job Requests.

Initial: *


Part of being an Operating Engineer is being able and willing to travel the entire state of Colorado and the ability to work in extreme weather conditions. Part of being an apprentice is understanding that you are here to LEARN. An apprentice will likely not start as an operator on the first job. The expectation is that, as an apprentice, you will be given opportunities at the job by the contractor to learn firsthand. As you attend your required training at the CJAT Training Site and advance your skills, it is likely that a contractor will start to increase your learning time on the equipment. Please do not apply if you are not willing to do entry-level work during your apprenticeship.

I fully understand the following, and by completing and submitting this application, agree to travel. This includes the entire state of Colorado and possibly other states, to work and to fulfill my training obligations.

 At the beginning of my apprenticeship, I will be required to perform entry-level work that may include manual labor. 

Initial: *

APPLICATION PROCESS (read and initial)

You are submitting an application to the Operating Engineers Local 9 Apprenticeship Program. This application is for training in a skilled trade. Do not consider it as an application for a job of immediate employment.
The Joint Apprenticeship Committee may elect not to take a class of Apprentices this year. Submission of the Application is not a guarantee of acceptance into the program.

To be eligible to submit an application to the Program, you must meet the following requirements and provide legible
copies of the following applicable documents:

1. At least 18 (eighteen) years of age

2. Valid/Unrestricted Driver's license

3. High School Diploma, Transcript, or GED

Additional Documentation if applicable:

  •  Vocational training or Other Certificates
  • College Transcript or Degree
  •  Veteran DD-214

If you meet the above requirements, please read all of the following information before you complete the application.

1. All applicants having an evaluated score of 70 or more will be placed on the Applicant Eligibility List and will remain on the list for 2 (two) years from the date of making the application.

2. The Applicant Eligibility List will be revised according to the evaluated score of the new applicants.

3. Applicants will be chosen for Apprenticeship and contacted by order of high score and skills from the Applicant Eligibility List. Consideration will be based on the APPLICANT’S application packet.
Special consideration will not be given to the current member’s IUOE family and friends.

4. Applicants may be selected for indenture into the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 9
Apprenticeship Program as the industry's needs dictate. Selection will be made from the Applicant Eligibility List.

5. Any Applicant who is on the Applicant Eligibility List who cannot be contacted by telephone in a reasonable period of time will be stricken from the List and their application will
be null and void. It is the responsibility of the applicant to inform the Apprenticeship Office of address/telephone, etc. changes.

6. An applicant who is selected as an Apprentice for the Apprenticeship Program and does not make an established effort to train at our Training Site to become qualified for on-the-job training referral within
30 days of being indentured will be terminated by the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 9 Apprenticeship Program's Administrative Manager.

Initial: *

Are you aware that you will be required to take a pre-employment drug test and various employers will require random drug testing? Yes:No: *


1. Do you have a high school diploma or GED? Yes:No: *

2. Do you have any of the following?  College Degree:College Credits (no degree): Vocational Training/ Certification(s): None of these: *

3. Have you ever served in any branch of the armed services? Yes:No: *

4. While in the military, did you receive any training related to construction during your service? Yes:No:Not a veteran:  *

5. Do you have access to reliable transportation? Yes:No: *

6. Do you have a driver's license? Yes:No:

6A. Do you have a Class A Commercial Driver's license? Yes: No: CDL-A PERMIT: *

7. Are you willing to commute up to 200 (two hundred) miles each day or temporarily live away from home in order to accept employment? Yes:No: *

8. Have you ever been employed in an industry that required extensive travel? Yes:No: *

9. Are there any issues that would prevent you from working out of state? (i.e., medical, criminal, family, etc.) Yes:No: *

10. Do you know anyone who works as an Operating Engineer? Yes:No: *

11. Which of the following do you feel are reasons to become an Operating Engineer? (select all that apply) *


Seasonality of work



Union membership

Working outdoors

Sense of accomplishment

12. Do you feel Operating Engineers earn enough to support themselves and their family? Yes:No:  *

13. Are you aware that construction can be a seasonal industry and that most apprentices work an average of 6-8 months out of the year? Yes: No: *

14. Due to the seasonal aspect of this profession, how would you respond to a layoff while you are an apprentice? *

Find temporary employment outside of the construction industry

Leave the Apprenticeship Program

Leave the construction industry altogether

Apply for Unemployment Insurance

Increase studies/training at the training facility

Attend other classes or education in construction related fields

15. Do you understand that the work of an Operating Engineer requires frequent transfer from one job area to another? Yes:No:  *

16. Are you aware that construction can aggravate respiratory ailments such as allergies or asthma? Yes:No:  *

17. Are you able to work in extreme dust conditions, extreme heat, cold, or damp weather? Yes:No: *

18. Have you ever worked in confined spaces? Yes:No: *

19. Have you ever worked at heights? Yes:No: *

20. Have you ever worked over water? Yes:No: *

21. How dependent will you be on income earned as an apprentice? *

A. Completely dependent

B. Mostly dependent

C. Slightly dependent

D. Not dependent at all

22. Would your first-year wages as an apprentice allow you to. . . *

A. Pay your living expenses and allow for savings

B. Pay your living expenses only

C. Require you to supplement earnings through another income source

23. Among the following reasons for applying to the Apprentice Program, which are important to you? *(click all that apply)

A. I like to work outside.

B. I like to work with my hands.

C. I have family/ friends in the construction industry.

D. I like to operate machinery.

E. I see an opportunity to advance in the construction industry.

F. I want to obtain union benefits.

24. Assume you are selected as an apprentice. You are called for a job through the Union referral on Friday and directed to work on Monday Morning. Would you . . .  * (check only one answer)

A. Explain to the Union or Training Coordinator that you must give your employer two weeks' notice before quitting.

B. Make whatever arrangements are necessary and report to the Union referred job assignment on Monday.

C. Decline the job if you do not like the travel time or job description. 

25. Which of the following do you expect to be true five years from now?  *(check only one answer)

A. I expect to be working in construction locally.

B. I expect to be in the armed services

C. I expect to be working elsewhere, but in the construction industry.

D. I expect to be a student

26. Do you understand that as an Apprentice you are expected to be a Union Member and work for Contractors that support the Apprenticeship program and employ Union workers? Yes:No: *

27. Have you ever been a member of any Union? Yes:No: *

28. What would you say are the greatest advantages of being a Union Member?  *(check all that may apply)

A. Higher wages

B. Better benefits

C. Greater promotional opportunities

D. Better health and safety conditions

E. Better training

F. Having a voice in decisions affecting your career

29. Do you understand that an Apprentice must train at least 144 (one hundred forty-four) hours each year to stay current with the Apprenticeship standards? Yes:No: *

 Note: The information in this section is voluntary as needed to comply with the Equal Opportunity Commission under provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It will be kept confidential and will be used only in reports required by the Government.




Prefer Not To Answer

Race/ Ethnic Background

Indigenous American or Alaskan Native


Asian or Pacific Islander



 Prefer Not to Answer

Upon Acceptance into the Apprenticeship program, can you provide proof that you are legally entitled to work in the United States? Yes: No:  

DRUG/ ALCOHOL POLICY (read and initial)

The Board of Trustees of the Operating Engineers Local 9 Apprenticeship program has adopted a Drug/Alcohol Policy prohibiting the use or possession of alcohol and/or drugs while on premises governed by the Apprenticeship Program or while engaged in any activity under the auspices of the Apprenticeship Program, i.e. while working as an apprentice for IUOE Local 9 contractor. The Policy likewise prohibits being on Program premises or engaged in any activity under the auspices of the Apprenticeship Program while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (except prescribed and/or over-the-counter medications taken for bona fide medical purposes.) In order to assure compliance with this Policy, Apprentices and/or others participating in Programs conducted under the auspices of the Apprenticeship Program are subject to drug/alcohol testing. Such drug/alcohol testing will be directed when, in the judgment of Program Management, there is a basis to suspect that an Apprentice or other program participant has ingested or is under the influence of drugs or

In any case, it will be deemed a sufficient basis for testing should an Apprentice or other Program participant be involved in an accident causing personal injury and/or property damage. In all cases, wherein an Apprentice or other Program participant is directed to submit to drug/alcohol testing, the individual so directed will be required to sign appropriate documents authorizing accomplishment of the desired testing. Failure and/or refusal to do so, or otherwise failing to cooperate in the administration of such testing, shall result in dismissal from the Apprenticeship program.

Initial: *


Select if you have experience with the following items. 

1. Landscape work using small powered equipment. Yes: No:

2. Log Skidding/ Loadout. Yes: No:

3. Operated farm equipment such as plows, combines or cultivators. Yes: No:

4. Mobile/ Tower Crane Operation. Yes: No: 

5. Operated Earthmoving Machinery. Yes: No: 

6. Operated aTravelling Overhead Crane. Yes: No:

7. Operated a forklift in a factory or warehouse. Yes: No:

8. Operated a combine? Yes: No: 

9. Worked with a survey party to measure land and its contours. Yes: No: 

10. Worked as an oiler on a mobile/ tower crane. Yes: No: 

11. Serviced and lubricated heavy equipment. Yes:  No:

12. Worked as a heavy equipment mechanic. Yes:  No:

13. Had Military MOS as a heavy equipment operator or mechanic. Yes:  No: 

14. Worked with materials such as metal, brick, wood, or stone. Yes: No: 

15. Installed electrical wiring in a residence or building. Yes:  No: 

16. Worked on some aspects of a building structure such as footings, ceilings, roofs, walls, floors. Yes:  No: 

17. Made watertight connections in a plumbing system. Yes:  No: 

18. Used chain, cable, or rope to secure structural steel to a hoist so it could be moved. Yes:  No: 

19. Worked as a construction laborer. Yes:  No: 

20. Worked in surface mining operations (strip mines) rock, sand, or gravel. Yes:  No: 

21. Worked as a crew member on a drilling rig/ platform. Yes:  No: 

22. Worked as a construction inspector. Yes:  No: 

23. Worked as a construction craftsman other than as an Operating Engineer. Yes:  No: 

24. Have you worked in the construction trade? Yes:  No:

25. Have military MOS in any construction trade. Yes: No:

26. Used electric welding equipment. Yes: No: 

27. Worked in a sawmill. Yes: No: 

28. Joined a Labor Union? Yes:No:

29. Repaired and maintained any type of motor vehicle using automotive tools and service manuals. Yes: No:

30. Installed, repaired, or replaced any type of switching equipment. Yes: No:

31. Used various testing equipment to verify and determine defective wiring or parts in electronic equipment such as stereos and TVs. Yes: No: 

32. Cared for machines, keeping them oiled and cleaned. Yes: No: 

33. Used long-handled tools, e.g., hoes, shovels, picks, axes. Yes:  No: 

34. Traced and identified various cables and conductors according to diagrams and specifications and made necessary repairs. Yes:  No: 

35. Performed routine maintenance on tools and equipment such as cleaning,lubricating, and adjusting. Yes:  No: 

36. Installed, replaced, or repaired simple or complex building mechanical systems or equipment such as heating, lighting, refrigeration, or plumbing. Yes:  No: 

37. Used hand held power tools such as electric and air tools. Yes: No: 

38. Repaired home appliances, e.g. refrigerator, stove, washing machine. Yes:  No: 

39. Have kept tools organized, cleaned, repaired, and in prime condition. Yes:  No: 

40. Worked with small hand tools to assemble or disassemble items or make repairs. Yes: No: 

41. Repaired farm equipment? Yes: No: 

42. Fabricated mechanical devises. Yes: No: 

43. Fitted machine sections together following blueprints or diagrams. Yes: No: 

44. Installed shafts, belts, or pulleys to properly connect a motor to a machine. Yes: No: 

45. Did minor tune ups on cars replacing spark plugs and points. Yes: No: 

46. Repaired or overhauled small engines, e.g. lawn mowers and chain saws. Yes: No:

47. Repaired hydraulic lines. Yes: No: 

48. Operated heavy duty power equipment such as pumps, compressors, generators. Yes: No: 

49. Operated hydraulic lifts. Yes:  No: 

50. Drove a vehicle with a manual gear shift. Yes: No: 

51. Drove a vehicle such as a taxicab, messenger car, van, or delivery truck. Yes: No: 

52. Drove long distances that occasionally required overnight stays. Yes: No: 

53. Drove a commercially rated truck e.g., dump, tandem axle, cartage, mixer. Yes: No: 

54. Operated a bus. Yes: No:

55. Drove a trailer truck? Yes: No: 

56. Drove a racing car or motorcycle. Yes: No: 

57. Successfully completed a course in machine shop practice. Yes: No: 

58. Received certification as a hydraulic or stationary engineer. Yes:  No: 

59. Successfully completed a course in electricity? Yes: No: 

60. Successfully completed a course in mechanics. Yes: No: 

61. Successfully completed a course in heavy equipment operations e.g. military, commercial. Yes: No: 

62. Successfully completed a course in welding. Yes: No:

63. Successfully completed a course in blueprint reading. Yes:No:

64. Successfully completed a course in hydraulics. Yes: No:

65. Successfully completed a course in diesel mechanics.Yes: No:

66. Successfully completed a course in a vocational shop? Yes: No: 

67. Manually controlled or guided materials being processed, e.g. sewing machine, table saw. Yes: No:

68. Used manually powered tools or instruments to perform very accurate or precise operations, e.g. engraver, watchmaker, hobbyist. Yes: No: 

69. Started, stopped, controlled, or adjusted the working of a machine or equipment, observing gauges and turning valves, to regulate operations. Yes:  No: 

70. Operated Automated Machinery. Yes: No: 

SECTION XIII PROBATIONARY PERIOD 29.5 (b)(8), (b)(19) (read and initial)

Each applicant selected for apprenticeship shall serve a probationary period of 6 months or 1000 hours or nine months of on-the-job training.

During the probationary period, either the apprentice or the Local JATC may terminate the Apprenticeship Agreement, without stated cause, by notifying the other party in writing. The records for each probationary apprentice shall be reviewed prior to the end of the probationary period. Records shall consist of periodic reports regarding the progression made in both the skill training (seat time) and related instruction, and any disciplinary action taken during the probationary period.

Any probationary apprentice evaluated as satisfactory after a review of the probationary period shall be given full credit for the probationary period and continued in the program.

After the probationary period, the apprenticeship agreement may be canceled at the request of the apprentice or may be suspended or canceled by the Local JATC for good cause after documented due notice to the apprentice and a reasonable opportunity for corrective action. In such cases, the Local JATC will provide written notice to the apprentice and to the Registration Agency of the final action taken.

Initial: *

By submitting this form, I attest that the information I have provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I further understand that incomplete applications or false statements will result in the rejection of my application. I also understand that submission of this application does not guarantee admission into any program offered by IUOE Local 9/CJAT or guarantee acceptance of membership.

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